Integrative Medicine


About Our integrative Practice

Here at Pinkham Medical Systems we explore possible paths toward reductions of synthetic compounds and chemicals. We re-introduce diet and nutritional counseling, detox regimens, and supplements to coach our patients on fitness and prevention lifestyles. Remember, all systems of the body are designed to work best when exposed to natural substances. We motivate you to try other alternatives such as balanced diets, physical therapy and other alternatives to help you relieve stress naturally, lose weight, and support your immune system.

We also believe that a doctor and patient relationship must be restored to help patients find a path to recovery with the help of the doctor and well informed patients. Unfortunately, the health care system in our country greatly reduces and even removes this relationship leaving patients with little options for personal care. In our practice we concentrate on knowing not only the systems but the underlying causes by engaging you to explore different possibilities in your path to wellness. The idea is to reduce dependency on medicine and help you make better decisions in life such as choosing foods more appropriately, exercise, foster nurturing relationships, and avoiding toxics found in consumer products and the environment.

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